DIY French Cooking

France has achieved a worldwide reputation for fine dining. The French have always had this taste for great food and there are a large number of French chefs around the country who strive to come up with the greatest recipes. This makes Food from France exceptionally popular all around the world. It is the delicate art of fusing different tastes and flavors together that ensures that French cooking stands on its own two feet. Herbs and spices do not tend to smack you in the face, like some Asian dishes and this means that it is generally acceptable to most pallets.

The only problem is that French restaurants tend to be fairly expensive. So how do you eat great French food without spending a fortune? One solution is to travel to France, tour the country and enjoy French cuisine on the spot. And if time allows, pack some French food in your suitcase and bring it back home. Each year millions of Brits board ferries across to their nearest neighbor in order to stack their boots high with French delicacies and numerous bottles of red wine. In fact, this is especially popular around Christmas time and this means that families can actually save a fortune off their festive trips; even when you take the cost of the crossing into account.

French Cooking is not that Hard

Fortunately, there is another way. If you like cooking, try cooking French specialties yourself at home. This is called Do It Yourself (DIY) French Cooking and it is not as hard as you might think. Nowadays, there are tons of cooking recipes available on the Internet. Just google the term French recipes or click here to see some examples. You will find a large selection of recipes: first course recipes (quiche, French onion soup or oeufs cocotte), entrees recipes (savory crepes, gratin dauphnois, tomate a la Provencale or ratatouille), and French dessert recipes (sweet crepes, chocolate mousse, tarte tatin or crème brulee).
They generally give you the list of ingredients, the way to assemble them and cook them, preparation details like time and temperature, as well as pictures of the completed dish. The tough part is often how to mimic the gesture that will make your dish look and taste exactly like in the recipe.  To make sure you act just like a French chef would, there are some videos available on youtube so you can watch how to prepare ingredients or put a sauce together. This makes it even easier to cook a French dish. The next question is how to source those special ingredients that are used in French recipes, gourmet foods like Dijon mustard, herbs de Provence or fleur de sel (gourmet salt).

Where can I get French Food?

France is obviously the best place to buy French food. If you’ve been to one the numerous stores in Paris or other French cities, you’ve probably seen how wide a choice the French have: all kinds of breads, cookies and cakes in bakeries, beautiful fruit and vegetables in grocery stores, and great pieces of beef, veal, chicken or mutton at the butcher’s. French supermarkets also include large food sections with many options to choose from. The other place to get food in France is the local farmers markets. They usually carry fresh products at affordable prices. Nowadays however, with the Internet there is no need to cross the channel or get on a plane to buy French specialties: simply order French food from an online store that ships food abroad. Personally, we like, a French food store that delivers products to the US, the UK and many other countries. They carry many kinds of French gourmet food: meat and charcuterie, gourmet homeys, Dijon mustard, gourmet salt, herbs de Provence, French chocolates, olive oil and confits. They also carry French sweets like French chocolates, French cookies in gourmet gift boxes and one of consumers’ favorites, French macarons. Their products are high quality and their service quite speedy. Now you have one more way of getting food from France and cooking French cuisine yourself.

When and how to serve French Food?

So you have selected a French recipe and you have all the ingredients you need to cook it, now the last question is: when are you going to serve it and how? Our first suggestion is to try the French recipe with a “friendly” audience first (close friends or family). They will tell you frankly what they think, so you can fine tune the way you execute a given recipe, add a bit of salt or cook the food a little longer for example. Then when you are satisfied with the result, pick a great occasion and treat special guests with that French recipe you’ve been preparing. Make sure this is a seated dinner. Yes, it’s a bit formal, but hey, this is the way the French eat their lunches and dinners. Last point: if you can afford a bottle of French wine, have one or two on the table and you will impress your guests even more!



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