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Nearest Town: Exmouth



What do you do?

Daisi is a not-for-profit arts education organisation, creating and promoting inspiring artistic and cultural experiences which enable more children and young people to benefit from the transformative and inclusive power of the arts. Daisi believes that every child should have access to these experiences, sparking their imaginations and feeding their creative development, supporting their mental health and well-being, and helping them to observe and explore the world around them.

Every day we see the benefit that early exposure to the arts can create for children and young people. Daisi finds ways to collaborate and create with children (from pre-schoolers to late teens) and their teachers and youth leaders, and especially including those in more vulnerable or disadvantaged communities.

Who would you like to collaborate with?

Young people’s formal and non-formal education settings (e.g. schools, youth clubs and young people’s services) across their education, learning, social and health needs.



with Daisi
Daisi currently has volunteering opportunities. For more information, use the contact details provided below.