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Lympstone History Society

Nearest Town: Exmouth


Lympstone History Society

What do you do? Lympstone History Society exists to further interest, information and education with regard to the history of Lympstone as a place, its people, its culture and its surroundings. We hold history-related exhibitions or contribute to exhibitions of others, we hold regular talks (attendance 70 – 100 people), we have published and sell a number of village and Devon-related publications and in the last three years we have designed and put in place a number of plaques which, via QR codes, provide information about aspects of village history.  We are keen to support other initiatives in the village such as ‘Lympstone Legends’.

Who would you like to collaborate with? Whatever/whoever might find our contribution of value. We have worked with the local school and are currently working with the Lympstone Legends project.