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Running Dog Theatre CIC

Nearest Town: All East Devon

Running Dog Theatre CIC

What do you do?

Running Dog Theatre CIC make musical, playful & engaging work with & for our audiences.

People are at the centre of our work. Whether that’s by bringing communities into our creative process, delivering bespoke stories to the communities who live them, or
simply in the stories we choose to tell.

We seek to engage audiences from all walks of life & to make the theatre a welcoming & joyous space for everyone.

Who would you like to collaborate with?

We’d like to collaborate with all sorts of people! Be they other artists, cultural organisations, service providers or the communities we work directly with. We’re particularly interested in working with other organisations to deepen the quality of arts provision we can provide for communities across Devon & the South West. We work from a model where community engagement sits at the core of our practice so we’re always looking for new ways to engage participants and audiences in the development & delivery of our work

Do you have volunteering opportunities available?

Yes, Community engagement is core to our practice and so we’re always looking to collaborate with community volunteers across a range of projects. This mainly looks like helping us deliver exciting creative offers in the communities where our volunteers live, be that helping engineer Goats appearing all over the community, bringing touring shows/workshops into the village hall, or hosting live music nights at the local pub.