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Sidmouth Science Festival

Nearest Town: Sidmouth


Sidmouth Science Festival

The Sidmouth Science Festival serves and educates our community in many ways. As well as educating and inspiring the community about STEM subjects, it brings together numerous local organisations leading to better community cohesion, and gives them the opportunity to raise their profiles. It also leads to a better understanding of issues from the environment around us through to climate change, energy challenges etc.

The Festival is aimed at all parts of the community but especially those who would not normally attend such events and those who for various reasons cannot travel further afield. Events take place around the town in familiar venues making access easy for all.

Who would you like to collaborate with?

Other community festivals

Do you have volunteering opportunities available?

Yes, project management to front of house and hands on demonstrating.


with Sidmouth Science Festival
Sidmouth Science Festival currently has volunteering opportunities. For more information, use the contact details provided below.